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Project Support Services (PSS)

CONEXIG provides comprehensive solutions that assist clients meeting their development goals of time (schedule), budget, scope and quality while still respecting the people and the environment.

Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients (Owners and Contractors) in the development of complex projects throughout their lifecycle, and supporting them through an ongoing process that begins with the feasibility study for the owner’s Project, or the preparation of the Proposal for the Contractors, and continues until the contract is closed, when all contract obligations have been fulfilled. This includes virtually all aspects of contract and project management, as well as PMO, BIM and ESG related services, with the aim of preventing differences that cannot be resolved throughout the execution of a project.

We can help in the overall management or in particular phases of your project. See below some of our services available throughout the project’s life.

specifics and approaches in PSS


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A selection of case studies showcases the experience of the leaders associated with CONEXIG. Many more cases related to this Service Line may be presented upon express request and in some cases, under an NDA.

Location: Chile

Client: SQM


Preventive Contract Management work was developed (focused on claims-disputes mitigation). Support was provided in the: preparation, evaluation and/or negotiation of claims and disputes; support to tender for a portfolio of large projects; document management improvement for major contracts.

Further details may be provided upon express request and in certain cases, under an NDA.


Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Owner: Furnas Centrais Elétricas – Public Sector.

Activities included: Design and implementation of the Corporate Governance framework, schedule analysis and project progress monitoring, integration of project disciplines, running the management committee, project reports, deadline deliverable negotiation and establishment of communication procedures.

More details or the statement of TMT, may be submitted at express request and, in certain cases, under an NDA.

Location: Chile

Client: Engie

Activities performed included Technical Work Audits (Due Dilligence).

Further details may be submitted upon express request and, in certain cases, under an NDA.