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CONEXIG helps its clients in the provision of digital services including the digital transformation process, electronic discovery (e-Discovery), digital forensic analysis and BIM. Through this service line, we strive to maximize value and optimize processes in the construction and infrastructure industries using innovative technology and solutions.

These services help our clients understand their processes and procedures, provide them with a roadmap to streamline and digitize their processes and support them throughout the entire implementation process. Some of the common areas of focus include the digitalization of the creation, implementation and monitoring of KPIs, data analysis and productivity improvement. This service line is fully integrated with all other service lines offered by our company.

In electronic discovery (e-Discovery) and digital forensic analysis, we provide electronic data search, location, production, security and examination services with the intention of using them as forensic evidence in disputes and investigations.

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Digital Solutions

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A selection of case studies showcases the experience of the leaders associated with CONEXIG. Many more cases related to this Service Line may be presented upon express request and in some cases, under an NDA.

Diagnostic and technology recommendation – We propose strategic solutions for our clients in the construction industry who are willing to optimize their processes and procedures in their construction projects through the use of the latest technology and supporting them in their DT journey.

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Data-Driven Decisions & Level 1 Tracking and Support – We design and implement a decision-making approach based on data analytics. Through the definition of strategic objectives and associated key performance indicators in their value creation, we design the dashboard with Business Intelligence solutions. In addition, we provide ongoing support to ensure the success of digital transformation journey. This is accomplished through on-site visits to verify the good use of technology and meetings with the construction team to optimize processes.

We perform the data loading and digitization to start the processes improvement. Clients provide data and existing templates so that they can be tailored to address their needs. In addition, we help optimizing processes to make them more efficient.

CONEXIG provides e-discovery services counting on litigation support professionals that are dedicated to work for litigation professionals. With a combined 20 years of experience “in the trenches,” there is no situation to which we have not been exposed. What this means to clients is that there are no surprises during the scope of each project. We have experience in both the private and Government sectors. We develop customized, proven workflows for our clients that guarantee forensic sound results.

Our capabilities include Forensic data collection, document review, document productions, e-discovery services has the experience and expertise to provide full service Project Management/Litigation Support Services: Document Acquisition – Document Scanning and E-discovery Processing; Database Creation; Database Utilization; Electronic Data Acquisition and Production; Pre-trial and Trial Support; Resource Planning, Implementation, and Administration; Specialized Professional Services; and Logistical Project Management.

Automated litigation support encompasses a wide range of professional services and products that help attorneys acquire, organize, develop, and present evidence throughout the course of litigation, from pre-filing investigation, through complaint, discovery, and trial, through post-trial briefs and the appeals process. CONEXIG will furnish administrative, logistical, professional, and technical labor, supplies, equipment, facilities, materials, and technologies necessary to provide a wide range of professional services and products through the course of litigation.



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Forensic data collection, document review, document productions, e-discovery services has the experience and expertise to provide full-service Project Management/Litigation Support Services:


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