Service Line

Training & Learning

We train our clients in all aspects of the services we provide. Whether through an “on demand” or “of the shelf” program, our leaders are highly experienced in delivering formal and “softer” training programs including to recognized universities and other institutions. Our leaders have trained thousands of professionals all over the world including small teams and sometimes even on a one-on-one basis to presential or online based trainings to many hundreds at a time.


Our highly qualified professionals have extensive experience in delivering training and development programs. We present below a sample of the leading professionals associated with CONEXIG who have extensive experience in this service line.

Recognized globally, Felipe Gutierrez serves as a thought leader speaking regularly in international events focused on the infrastructure, engineering, construction and legal communities. A few examples of recent speeches and training include matters in risk management, dispute resolution, the use of technology in dispute resolution of construction projects, estimating lost labor productivity in construction claims and others. Countries and institutions include the AACEi in Peru and Bolivia, the Society of Construction Law in Peru, Chile and Brazil, the Construction Super Conference in the USA and others.

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At CONEXIG, our leaders have demonstrated their ability to transmit their knowledge, exposing their thoughts and ideas through important means within the industry. These professionals have managed to spread their word and to speak about transformation and digital solutions through conferences, in prestigious institutions, universities and national and international organizations. These professionals are constantly growing and therefore sharing their vision to modernize the construction industry through a series of digital solutions that benefit and promote the digital age that the construction industry is going through.

CONEXIG leaders have participated in national and international fairs and conferences and have successfully performed in television, radio, digital media and specialized magazines in the industry.