World’s Leading Provider of Portuguese-Speaking Expert Witnesses

The World's Leading Provider of Portuguese-Speaking Expert Witnesses for Construction Delay and Quantum, Engineering, Infrastructure, and Economic Damages

Many law firms have been running webinars and discussions on current trends in International Arbitration in Portuguese-speaking countries and in Latin America in general. These discussions feature skilled practitioners who share insights on the latest trends in these regions, including intersections between Latin America and the Lusophone regions, cultural differences and similarities, and the connection with the London and American markets.

CONEXIG is a leading provider of Portuguese-speaking expert witnesses. We also have multiple Spanish, French, and English-speaking experts. Our experts have extensive experience in a variety of construction delay and quantum, engineering, infrastructure, and economic damage matters. They are qualified to testify in arbitrations, litigation, and mediations in Brazil, Portugal, other Lusophone, Hispanophone, and Anglophone countries. This makes us the ideal partner for any arbitration or litigation matter involving parties from multiple countries.

If you are involved in a dispute in Latin America, Europe or Africa you need the best possible expert witness to help you win your case.

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