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Silvia Marques Richard


Country Director France

Paris, France

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Executive Summary

Silvia Fernanda de Sales Marques Richard has more than 16 years of international experience in renewable energies as a specialist in Hydroelectric Power Plants. Silvia has worked for VOLTALIA (Paris, France) as an Expert Civil Engineer for Hydroelectric Power Plants. She has held the functions of project manager for the development and review of projects (Brazil, French Guiana and Africa) in different study phases (pre-feasibility, feasibility, Basic Project, Analysis and selection of manufacturers of electromechanical equipment, etc.).

Silvia has worked with the development of projects for small hydroelectric plants (1 to 30MW), being responsible for hydrological, hydraulic and energy simulation studies for different turbine options (Kaplan and Francis), also carrying out cost-benefit studies for the selection of the best alternative for installed power of new plants, performance analysis in energy production of plants in operation (calculation of guaranteed energy) and the proposal of changes or renewal of turbines of old plants.

Silvia has supervised and organized a multidisciplinary team of specialists (engineers, plumbers and technicians) in hydrological, hydraulic, electromechanical, geographic and civil engineering studies. She has worked on many projects with Eduardo Di Tommaso (electromechanical engineer who has worked at Larrosa & Santos between 2007 and 2011) in repowering and renovation studies of 13 hydroelectric plants in Minas Gerais for an important client (Brookfield Renewable Energy Client).