Houston – TX., May 28, 2021

NEWS | We are pleased to announce that our CONEXIG website in Portuguese is now online and fully functional for all of our Portuguese-speaking users.

An essential step for the firm’s expansion is to have the necessary tools so that our future clients and those interested in our services can enter an environment that thinks about their comfort and their experience as users who visit our website.

The launch of the Portuguese version of our website gives us greater reach, greater ease of communication from who we are to all those interested in our services, experiences, and skills.

Additionally, accompanying this launch, we have developed the Assured Smooth Journey in the new tab “Compliance” on our website. Available in three languages, it is a tool where you will get to know us better through our codes and policies for protecting people, users, and collaborators.

Moreover, it is a channel where any person related to CONEXIG, whether a client or collaborator, who believes they have experienced any attitude of our leaders and representatives that is not aligned with our corporate values may send us a report about the event. You can even do this anonymously through a small questionnaire. Our growth leads us to take preventive measures against any irregularity that may exist within CONEXIG. Furthermore, by being a company that always promotes good practices in the industry, we are committed to making this SMOOTH JOURNEY a friendly, safe, and correct process.