CONEXIG presents the official launch of CONEXIG in Portugal. The Portuguese economy has shown growth despite the crisis caused by the pandemic. One of the main factors of this growth is the focus on Renewable Energies. CONEXIG Portugal is committed to offering services to companies and the government to help them in their development.

The reinforcement of the strategic positioning in Portugal through local offices and partners will allow us to offer our services also to Portuguese-speaking African countries. From this new office we will offer project and contract management, management consulting, and claims and dispute resolution services. We will act in judicial and arbitration cases, national or international, as Experts or Expert Witness.

We have the Partner and Country Director Sandro Cunha, with extensive experience in expertise, with participation in various hearings in international arbitrations, and in construction projects, to lead the CONEXIG Portugal team.

Sandro Cunha, an international consultant, brings to CONEXIG his experience of more than 20 years in construction project management, delay analysis and damage quantification in local and international cases. Mr. Cunha has worked on projects for Hydro Power, Wind Power, Thermoelectric Plants, Nuclear Power Plants and transmission lines, as well as projects in the Mining, Steel, Oil and Gas and Infrastructure industries. Mr. Cunha has been recommended by industry peers and clients, as published by the Leaders League, as an “Expert Witness” and is a mediator and member of Dispute Boards.

"We are very honored and excited with the start of operations in Portugal. The structured leadership for this new launch is perfect for the challenge. Sandro is a professional with a long track record of success in leading companies worldwide, which positions us in a way unique to start our work in this country CONEXIG continues to reaffirm its commitment to be where the client is, and with it continues its rapid development worldwide”

Felipe Gutierrez

Founder & Managing Partner CONEXIG LLC


  1. Thanks Felipe for the kind words.
    I’m thrilled with the opportunity and challenge ahead. But I’m certain we’ll continue to offer INNOVATIVE services with ETHICS and TRANPARENCY to PEOPLE AND CLIENT FIRST in an ESG DRIVEN way.

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