Happy New Year from all CONEXIERs

A Happy new year from all conexiers

*Article only written in English

2022 marked our 2nd full year in operation and it was an amazing year. 2023 is starting and we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our 2022 achievements and 2023 goals:

Growing Our Business.

In 2022 we welcomed several new members globally into the team including Silvia Richard in France; Sandro Cunha in Portugal; Janaine Del Savio, Jonathan Narciso, and Zoyla Ampuero in Peru; Paula Gomez, Maria Paula Rodriguez and Daniel Jimenez in Colombia; Alexandra Diaz in Mexico, Maria Agusta Aráuz in Ecuador.

Our partners have hosted over 50 seminars at several leading industry institutions such as the AACE, DRBF, ICC Costa Rica, Open de Arbitraje (Madrid), various universities and attended and moderated several conferences.

We’ve continued to host several webinars with renowned international guest speakers and over 1,000 attendees.

CONEXIG sponsored again relevant industry events in markets that are relevant to us including the ICC New York, the ICC Miami, the CAC in Santa Marta-Colombia, and others.

We grew our business in about 50% revenue wise

We launched Conexig Academy which has already started launching the 1st Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) course in Brazil, amongst others.

Celebrating Success.

CONEXIG ranked several professionals as leading individuals in their professions including Jesus Corona (Mexico), Alvaro Perez (Spain) and Felipe Gutierrez (USA) with WWL and Sandro Cunha (Portugal), Rafael Gonzalez (Mexico) and Felipe Gutierrez (Mexico) with Leader’s League.

Raquel Cespedes was appointed member of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Anticorruption Commission of the ICC, Chapter Colombia and was also “Featured Consultant- 2022” by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.

CONEXIG was a winner of the Construction Expert Witnesses in USA: Texas Award in this year’s Client Choice recognition.

We got hired and delivered repeat work for high profile, demanding clients in the Fortune 500, private and governments sectors in over 10 countries.

We initiated our participation with the UN Global Compact in their global corporate citizenship initiative and joined the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles.

CONEXIG Brasil and Peru launched in partnership with SINICON the first course in Virtual Design and Construction (#VDC) project management methodology, Basic and Advanced modules. After great success of the 1st course and establishing a corporate partnership with Verum Partners, the three entities announced the launching of the 2nd VDC course in Brazil which will start in January 2023.

We launched our Bribery and Corruption Awareness and Avoidance Training supported by materials of the Transparency International UK and The Fight Against Corruption (UNODC).

Supporting Our Community.

We’ve became a member of the Executive Consultation Group of the OECD’s Blue Dot Network.

Many of our Partners became directors in relevant professional institutions’ boards such as AACE Brazil, Institute for Energy Law (IEL) Houston-TX, ACFE Houston-TX, and others.

Our partners have actively participated as Consultants in Corporate Consulting Committees at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota for small- medium size companies.

After supporting the creation and development of the CIArb North America Chapter’s Shared Capacity Program (CSP), we’ve supported the delivery of the program in the Brazil in September 2022.

Our professionals published over 10 articles sharing knowledge in matters such as Public Compliance, Expert Determination, VDC, Project Management, and others.

One of our partners was included as a contributor to an AACE Recommended Practice.

CONEXIG became a global member in the World Compliance Association (WCA) and continued the corporate membership with the AACE and the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Mexico, in addition to continuing our membership in over 10 relevant industry institutions across the globe.

2023 Goals.

CONEXIG leadership is committed to continue developing its business and legacy based on our consolidated mission, vision, and corporate values: Ethics, Transparency, Our People and Clients First, Innovation and ESG Driven.

CONEXIG will consolidate its presence in the countries where it is already present and grow our teams and revenue, again, by 50%.

CONEXIG is reassessing its service offering and will soon publish its new organizational structure that is being improved to better serve our clients and support our teams continued development.

Thank you to all our team members, partners, clients, strategic partners and friends who have entrusted their business, challenges and careers in us and supported our initiatives throughout 2022. We count on you to continue our SMOOTH JOURNEY in 2023 and beyond!


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