CONEXIG ESG Newsletter – 1st Edition

CONEXIG ESG: Quarterly Update

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Introducing the First Edition of CONEXIG’s ESG Newsletter – May 2024:

Dear CONEXIG network,

I am honored to introduce the inaugural edition of CONEXIG’s ESG newsletter. As the Managing Partner of CONEXIG, I am thrilled to share our commitment to our ESG Driven corporate value and through this platform, bring you the latest developments and insights in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.

This first CONEXIG ESG Newsletter is an improvement of our past ESG+F Newsletters, which focused more, previously, on quality infrastructure projects certification. In this first ESG Newsletter edition, we cover a range of significant ESG topics from around the globe. The articles collectively highlight the increasing global emphasis on sustainability and accountability in various sectors. From the GRI’s new climate and energy disclosure standards in the USA to Mexico’s sustainable mining efforts, and from Portugal’s ambitious renewable energy targets to France’s ruling against fossil fuel investments in ESG funds, it is clear that countries are actively working to align economic growth with environmental stewardship. Additionally, the discussions around the challenging launch of ‘Amazonia’ bonds, Colombia’s leadership in sustainable financing, and the SEC’s new climate-related disclosure rules further underscore a worldwide shift towards integrating ESG principles into policy and practice.

This global movement demonstrates a growing recognition of the importance of sustainability and responsible governance in achieving long-term economic and environmental goals. We hope this newsletter serves as a valuable resource for you, providing insightful updates and fostering a deeper understanding of the dynamic ESG landscape. Thank you for being a part of our Smooth Journey towards a sustainable future.

Best regards,

Felipe André Isoré Gutierrez
Managing Partner

NOTE: This publication was written for general information and educational purposes only and may therefore contain errors and is not intended, under any circumstances, to be specific advice, legal or otherwise. Neither CONEXIG nor its directors, shareholders, legal representatives, managers and/or employees will be responsible under any circumstances for the statements, comments or opinions expressed in this publication, the author of this being solely responsible. We disclaim any representation and/or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, quality, or applicability of any of the content presented here. Readers of this publication should not act or fail to act in reliance on it, and we disclaim all liability in respect of such acts or omissions. This publication is not a substitute for competent legal advice on the issues dealt with, directly or indirectly, in it. The content of this document may be updated or changed without prior notice.

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