Blue Dot Network Certification An Update

Blue Dot Network Certification: An Update

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As the world grapples with the pressing challenges posed by climate change, infrastructure development remains a critical area of focus. In response to this need, the Blue Dot Network emerges as an innovative solution to mobilize private sector investment and encourage market-driven, transparent, and sustainable infrastructure projects. This voluntary, private-sector focused, government-supported project-level certification scheme aligns with international standards, fostering sustainable outcomes and propelling economic recovery. While public resources alone cannot bridge the investment gap, the Blue Dot Network stands as a catalyst for collaboration between private and public sectors.

Alignment with the SDGs and the 2030 UN Agenda

The Blue Dot Network is firmly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development2.

By promoting sustainable infrastructure investments, the Blue Dot Network directly contributes to the achievement of several SDGs, including:

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Furthermore, the Blue Dot Network’s emphasis on transparency, accountability, and good governance aligns with SDG 16, which calls for strong institutions. In this way, the Blue Dot Network plays a crucial role in advancing the 2030 UN Agenda and creating a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Key Updates

Global Rollout of Certification: The Blue Dot Network certification will be rolled out globally in 2024, expanding its reach and impact across the infrastructure landscape.

Certification Framework2: The OECD has crafted a comprehensive set of certification criteria and requirements for the Blue Dot Network. This framework, designed to ensure rigor and credibility is going through final feedback from the Executive Consultation Group.

Growing Momentum: The Blue Dot Network’s momentum is gaining traction, with two new member governments joining the initiative. Additionally, several other OECD member governments are actively exploring participation, signaling a growing commitment to quality infrastructure investment.

Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Toolbox3: The OECD is spearheading the development of the Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Toolbox, a valuable resource equipped with detailed guidance on best practices in anti-corruption and transparent procurement. This toolbox will bolster the capacity of stakeholders across the infrastructure value chain to mitigate corruption risks and align with Blue Dot Network requirements.

CONEXIG’s in the Executive Consultation Group

CONEXIG is proud to be an active member of the Blue Dot Network’s Executive Consultation Group, a diverse collective of over 170 business and civil society leaders. This esteemed group plays a pivotal role in shaping the development of the certification framework, providing valuable insights and expertise to ensure the framework’s effectiveness and impact.

CONEXIG’s Commitment to Supporting Companies

CONEXIG is dedicated to supporting companies seeking to navigate the Blue Dot Network certification process. Our team of experienced professionals possesses deep knowledge of the certification framework and is well-equipped to guide companies through the application process. We are committed to empowering companies to achieve Blue Dot Network certification, unlocking access to a global network of sustainable infrastructure projects.

Call to Action

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Together, we can harness the power of the Blue Dot Network to transform infrastructure development, leaving a lasting legacy of sustainability and prosperity.


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