CONEXIG has presence in 14 countries around the world, in Spain, CONEXIG LLC has experienced professionals in the following service lines: Claims & Dispute Resolution (CDR) and Contract & Project Management (CM/PM). The other service lines are attended with the support of professionals from other countries.

Our professionals have participated in the resolution of disputes in large-scale projects throughout the Spanish territory. We seek to support the good practice of infrastructure, engineering and construction projects in the Spanish industry, solving their most complex problems and supporting our clients in any situation that may arise during any stage of the life cycle of their projects.

Some examples of projects developed in Spain by our team are presented below.

Álvaro Pérez is the head of CONEXIG LLC in Spain, providing the coordination of our associated team in this country for the resolution of any matter that is necessary.


Expert Technical Report and appearance before the Tribunal

Expert technical report and appearance before the ordinary court on the execution of a section of highway access to the outer port of A Coruña, Spain, in the dispute between a construction company and the Ministry of Public Works of Spain.

Expert Technical Report and ratification before the Tribunal

Expert technical report and ratification before the Tribunal, regarding the economic quantification and the relevance of the investments made by the concessionaire company of Line 9B of Madrid’s Metro in Spain.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance to the construction company on Maintenance and Repair of Civil Works, Elements and Infrastructures in the Surroundings of the Béznar and Rules Dams and the Bajo Guadalfeo Irrigation Area. Environment and Water Agency of the Junta de Andalucía, Spain.