CONEXIG has presence in 14 countries around the world, in Portugal, CONEXIG LLC has experienced professionals in the following service lines: Claims & Dispute Resolution (CDR), Governance, Risk, Fraud & Compliance (GRFC), Contract & Project Management and Management Consulting. The other service lines are attended with the support of professionals from other countries.

Our professionals, managers, accountants, civil, mechanic, electrical and HVAC engineers, have participated in the resolution of disputes in large-scale projects throughout the Globe. We seek to support the good practice of Companies Management and Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction Projects in Portugal, solving their most complex problems and supporting our clients in any situation that may arise during any stage of the life cycle of their endeavors.

Some examples of projects developed in Portugal by our team are presented below.

SANDRO CUNHA the head of CONEXIG in Portugal, has worked for international Consulting firms, bringing to CONEXIG LLC over 20 years of experience in Construction Project Management, Delay analysis and Quantum. Sandro has acted on multiple cases as Expert Witness and Technical Assistant to parties in local and international court and arbitration cases.


Infrastructure - Portugal - Construction Supervision - CM/PM

Conexig professionals were responsible for the Construction Supervision of the requalification of the Teleperformance building in Lisbon. The project consisted in a full requalification of the building that was in a poor state of maintenance, and included: new roof coating materials, the replacement of window frames and spans, the full refurbishment of the technical installations such as the electrical system, climatization and ventilation, telecommunications, water and sewage facilities and fire safety installations. The building layout was reorganized to better serve the new purpose and function as an office building, while maintaining the architectural outside characteristics, and to respect the original building’s morphology and the capital’s industrial heritage of the period of its construction.

Health - Portugal - Construction Management - CM/PM

Conexig professionals have conducted Construction Management of Exterior Arrangements and Electrical Infrastructures of General Low Voltage and Emergency Board (Block PT) of the Hospital de Sant’Ana, Parede, in an area of intervention of approximately 14,000m2.

Residential - Portugal - Project Management - CM/PM

Conexig professionals executed Project Management of the Vila das Lagoas Condominium in Albufeira. The project consists of a private condominium, comprised of residential buildings, in which there are occurrence of pathologies. The works demanded the development of an Inspection and Technical Report, with pathology identification, causes analysis and presentation of intervention measures, and developing tender´s process for the General Contractor and the supervision of the rehabilitation works.

Insfrastructure - Portugal - Technical Due Diligence - GRFC

Conexig professionals were acquired to perform Technical Due Diligence of the Logistical Complex Eco-Industrial Park Azambuja (EIPA I e II) in Lisboa. The service consisted of preparing a survey of the technical conditions in relation to the fire-fighting technical installations and equipment in 2 buildings on a logistics platform with a total area of about 11,000 sq.m.

Transportation - Portugal - Supervise - CM/PM

Conexig professionals were contracted to supervise the reformulation of an existing road section, of about 900m and the construction of a new road with an extension of 450m, for the connection between the existing road and the EX-IP8, in Sines, Distrito de Setúbal. In addition to the road earthworks and paving, the construction of new infrastructures was also performed, such as pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, parking areas, water supply and sewer drainage networks, as well as electricity and telecommunications infrastructures.