CONEXIG has presence in 14 countries around the world, in Colombia, CONEXIG LLC has experienced professionals in the service line of Governance, Risk, Fraud & Compliance (GRFC) that complement the other service lines we offer in countries where we already have a presence. Furthermore, in Colombia, we have developed skills providing services related to our Claims and Dispute Resolution (CDR) service line, among many others.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the relevant sectors of the economy where CONEXIG focuses. We seek to support the good practice of infrastructure, engineering, construction and in general of the industry in Latin America, solving their most complex problems and supporting our clients in any situation that may arise during the different stages of the life cycle of their projects.

Some examples of projects led in Colombia by our global team are presented below.

Raquel C├ęspedes is responsible for CONEXIG LLC in Colombia, providing the coordination of our associate team in this country for the resolution of any matter that is necessary.


Oil & Gas - Colombia - Contractual forensic audit - GRFC

Our 8-month work spanned several phases, such as preparing a list of possible types of fraud and corruption that could have occurred, preparing a sample study of various contracts that needed to be reviewed, for which fraud indicators were applied quantitative and qualitative and the performance of business intelligence activities in relation to the suppliers of interest. This work allowed the company to address several weak aspects of its integrity program.

Multisector - Colombia - Anti-trust - GRFC

Our work consisted of collecting, preserving and reviewing the data contained in computers, emails and mobile devices (Android / iPhones), in order to identify communications and messages related to unfair competition leads such as economic agreements, price lists and In the event of collusions, identify the actors involved. This matter was initiated as a result of an investigation being conducted by a Colombian regulator and the company had an interest in supporting this investigation and making use of the benefits for effective collaboration.

Concrete - Colombia - Due diligence investigation - GRFC

The service consisted of conducting reputational due diligence on more than 80 properties that the client wanted to purchase as part of their expansion. The properties are located in a zone of armed conflict in the past that was initially occupied by rebel groups and later by paramilitary groups supported by drug traffickers. Our investigation included a review of the different property owners to determine which were legitimate and which were illegally acquired. This review allowed the company to continue with its business plans.

Agroindurstrial - Colombia - Investigation - GRFC

The investigation was for a large multinational company that was the victim of the illegal occupation of one of its properties in Colombia. The lands were located in one of the most conflictive areas in Colombia and in the past were occupied by armed groups outside the law. The lands are places of great value and this was one of the main reasons for the invasion in the first instance. Our investigation determined that the people occupying the land were not displaced by violence, but hired by illegal groups to occupy the land for financial gain.

Multisector - Colombia - Forensic Audit - GRFC

The service consisted of a forensic audit in one of the group companies in order to investigate the irregular conduct of the former General Manager and the Financial Manager, as well as to quantify the damages and losses suffered by the company. Employees had spent several years applying a methodology to modify financial statements with the goal of obtaining large performance bonuses at the end of the year. The audit included accounting reviews, forensic imaging of computer equipment, and employee interviews.

Energy - Colombia - Corporate Investigation - GRFC

We provide a consulting service to a large firm in the energy sector in order to prove the damages suffered from various contracts that were withdrawn due to personal decisions of the contractors and not for the technical reasons alleged by the latter. The client’s objective was to claim consequential damages and lost profits was to support a claim for damages under one of their international insurance policies. As a result, the company was able to support its claims favorably.