CONEXIG has presence in 15 countries around the world, in Chile, CONEXIG LLC has experienced professionals in the following service lines: Claims & Dispute Resolution (CDR) and Contract & Project Management (CM/PM). The other service lines are attended with the support of professionals from other countries.

Our professionals have participated in the resolution of disputes in large-scale projects throughout the Chilean territory. We seek to support the good practice of infrastructure, engineering and construction projects in the Chilean industry, solving their most complex problems and supporting our clients in any situation that may arise during any stage of the life cycle of their projects.

Some examples of projects developed in Chile by our team are presented below.


International arbitration in mining project

In the framework of an international arbitration dispute process in Santiago de Chile (administered by CAM-Santiago), technical expertise services were provided for an objective, autonomous and impartial assessment of the controversies of a MINING COMPANY. The dispute revolved around a controversy raised by the construction contractor of the project “Supply, Construction and Assembly of 26″ steel pipe with external cladding and internally clad” with more than 150 km in length. Topics discussed included delays / deadlines on the critical path, additional direct and indirect costs, and economic damages.

Mining: Expert services, Copper Miner (confidential)

A Quantum Expert on this international arbitration run under the CAM Santiago rules, seat in Santiago, party appointed. Disputes included cost claims and productivity and delays determination in a termination for convenience case. Amounts disputed are worth over USD 30 million. Hearings were held in Spanish language.

Mining (diversified): Risk, fraud investigations and management consulting services

We involved in the delivery of project assurance services to one of the largest diversified mining companies directly assisting international teams in the delivery of assignments in Chile, Brazil and South Africa. This included the review of their PM practices, tools and techniques applied for the management of multi-billion-dollar projects (Brownfield) including areas such as cost, schedule, scope, risk, and others. Recommendations were reported to the global Audit Committee and implemented by the project teams.