Our name and logo represent our origins and what we are. We add value to our clients proactively in a contemporaneous manner but also reactively, after issues have occurred, through our audit and investigation-based services.

CONEXIG assists public and private sector stakeholders mostly but not exclusively with an interest in the infrastructure, engineering and construction industries by providing services to avoid and resolve their complex matters. We are committed to assist clients wherever they stand in the value creation lifecycle, whether they are in the process of creating value (from project conceptualization, through planning, construction, operations and exit) or in the process of maintaining and enhancing value by providing retrospective and forensic based services.

Clients value our support in optimizing their opportunities to create value no matter where their needs are, both geographically and in their project lifecycle stage.

Our experienced, geographically dispersed and widely multidisciplinary team positions us uniquely to provide our clients with world class quality services that are sensitive to their culture, language and business needs.



Owners, developers, and investors often fail to successfully navigate the journey between the idea creation and operating assets. CONEXIG was created to bridge that gap. No matter what our client’s location or needs are, CONEXIG is uniquely positioned to support them through our structured six (6) service lines offering:



We live ethically and in compliance with regulations, society expectations and good morals always. We lead by example, with integrity and honesty.


We are transparent in everything we do. From recruiting and performance 360° reviews to promising value add to clients or informing them about bad news. We communicate openly.


We take care of our people, and they take care of our clients. At CONEXIG, the well-being of our people is our priority. We believe that by caring for and supporting our people, we have happy and motivated teams that provide exceptional service to our customers. Our employees are the foundation of our company, and we work hard to foster their holistic development, promote inclusion, and ensure a healthy work-life balance.


Driven by a commitment to excellence, we foster innovation in every business facet, from delivery to operations. As thought leaders, we create exceptional value, implementing pioneering initiatives for sustainable growth and competitive edge in our collaborations.


We give back to society, promote equality and human rights and respect the environment in everything we do.


An Advisory Board is consulted throughout our journey when we are faced with more complex matters, may they be client need related or business specific. The Advisory Board supports our experienced leadership team in key strategic decisions and is comprised of highly experienced, successful and diverse professionals and includes:

Rob Hogarth is based in Australia, Rob is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (FCA) with over 15 years’ experience as a non-executive director across the private and public sectors. He was a KPMG partner for 29 years in multiple KPMG offices and service lines across the globe. He led the global “Major Projects Advisory” service line as well as the energy and natural resources and sustainability focused service lines across the Asian Pacific region. He is a specialist in the oversight of financial performance, risk management and governance. As an experienced board director, Rob is well skilled in working in a team to set strategic direction and oversee operating performance in private and public sector organizations.

40 years of professional experience as a partner at KPMG, BDO Trevisan, Mariaca & Associates – Lee Hecht Harrison and InterSearch and D’Art Merchandising and more than 20 years on Boards in private, public and association companies. She is currently Counselor and Coordinator of the Audit Committee of the São Paulo State Housing and Urban Development Company – CDHU and of UBEC, Brazilian Union of Catholic Schools, coordinator of the audit committees of GetNinjas S.A. and the Irmandade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo, member of the CoAud of Plano&Plano S.A, member of the Deliberative Council of Clube de Campo de São Paulo and Bem Querer Mulher. He was Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBGC, Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, member of the Advisory Board of Omni Banco & Financeira, of the Board of Directors of Amcham, American Chamber of Commerce, of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Fiscal Board of the Fundação Nacional of Quality, FNQ. She is an MBA specialist at LARC – Laboratory of Architecture and Computer Networks, Poli, USP.

Willy Verbrugghe, with over 40 years of success as a CEO and visionary leader, has made an extraordinary impact on the international technology and manufacturing industry. His track record includes consistently generating over $100 million in shareholder value annually in each of the major companies he has led over the last 35 years. An expert in key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Energy, Aerospace, Electronics, and Telecommunications, he has experience in 186 countries and proficiency in 8 ½ languages. In addition to his business focus, Willy stands out as a dedicated grandfather, playing the role of “CSO (Chief Spoiling Officer)” for his 9 grandchildren. His comprehensive experience and proven success make him a valuable resource, available to advise CEOs, leaders, and high performers in the continuous improvement of their companies.