Consulting Experts International Group



Support entities preventing and resolving complex matters being committed to our clients and our people as well as the sustainability of our communities and the environment.


Disrupt the industries in which we operate in the regions of operation by establishing the go to provider of comprehensive, world-class quality, language and cultural-sensitive supporting services to help clients preventing and resolving their most complex matters.


CONEXIG offers over 50 multidisciplinary and specialized experts in the fields of infrastructure, engineering and Construction. CONEXIG maintains a geographic presence across the globe, covering the USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Angola, South Africa and Australia. In addition, with Quantum Global Solutions (QGS), our strategic alliance, we managed to have a presence on all continents, strengthening our service capacity around the world.


CONEXIG operates around the world and assists public- and private-sector clients on matters related to INFRASTRUCTURE, ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION industries. We provide services to help clients avoid and resolve complex matters throughout their lifecycle of value creation, maintenance or enhancement.


CONEXIG has invaluable experience that includes construction, mining, energy generation and transmission (Hydro, wind, solar, co-generation), oil & gas, pipelines, transportation (rail, aviation, roads and bridges), geology, manufacturing, among many others sectors.

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