CONEXIG has presence in 14 countries around the world, in Argentina, CONEXIG LLC has experienced professionals in the service line of Claims and Dispute Resolution (CDR) and Contract & Project Management (CM/PM) that complement the other service lines we offer in countries where we already have a presence. Furthermore, in Argentina, we have developed skills providing services related to our service lines.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the relevant sectors of the economy where CONEXIG focuses. We seek to support the good practice of infrastructure, engineering, construction and in general of the industry in Latin America, solving their most complex problems and supporting our clients in any situation that may arise during the different stages of the life cycle of their projects.

Some examples of projects led in Argentina by our global team are presented below.

Federico Schlamp is responsible for CONEXIG LLC in Argentina, providing the coordination of our associate team in this country for the resolution of any matter that is necessary.


Mining - Argentina - Risk, fraud investigations and management consulting services - GRFC

Ledding the conduction of an internal audit review of this company’s Procurement and Contract Management policies, procedures and processes (included reviewing the purchasing, contracts, vendor Master File, receiving and exiting of assets procedures). A large number of internal control weaknesses and potential for fraud were identified including: lack of policies and procedures to assess procurement performance; lack of Segregation of Duties for insertion and edition of Vendor’s Master Files; divergences of prices of requisitions and prices placed on offers; lack of periodic review of vendors’ database; ERP allowed the receiving of quantities divergent between Purchase Orders and invoice or receiving document; weakness of safeguard controls for non-stock items at the Warehouse; advancements granted to suppliers not tracked back to Accounting entries; and others.